Sunday, 13 May 2012

Oh Life.

Well, obviously I suck at this blogging everything day. BUT at least I am writing one. So I left off last time starting me new job. I had my first week and loved it ! Everyone is SO nice and its a great place to work. I'm still a little bored, and haven't really gone out or met a lot of people, I hope that changes though because I am starting to feel super sad and missing everyone, I know that I can get past this but its hard sometimes not seeing your life long friends, or family. I just need to push forward.

Anyways, so whats been happening. Well funny story, I live with 5 other people. 3 of them being family. So one of the guys who rents a room downstairs is super attractive, he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. And the other one is nice, but hes not as friendly. So this weekend I had no plans and Friday night I got home and my little cousin was having his birthday party, and there were lots of young kids here. And my one roommate was on night shifts and the good looking one usually goes back home for the weekend. So I was a little sad I wouldn't see him around all weekend. So I came home and his car was here so I was a little happy. Anyways I was super exhausted and went to bed around 11pm. I got woken up at 3am.. I was sound asleep and I hear "Nicole Nicole wake up" and here I am like "WTF" so its the good looking roomie. I was like this really cannot be happening right now. I don't really know him that well and he wasn't taking me not getting up for and answer. So I got up put on a sweater tried to look half decent and went into his room and sat on his bed and we talked til 7am. He was pretty drunk but he did sober lots. I learned lots about him, he love his mom more than anything which is super cute. Anyways, its like 7am I am super tired and he looks at me yawning and hes like "I'm going to ask you a blunt question" and he pauses and I am like.. Okay what his he going to ask, so many things go running through your head. He turns and looks at me with his beautiful eyes and hes like "Do you want to cuddle" I actually burst out laughing and had to nicely say NO.. Which sucked ass.. Seriously.. like.. baah. I don't know what I said it. But I didn't want some awkwardness the next day, plus we all know what cuddling means.. Even though he did say "Nothing sexual will happen" but lets get real. Plus the fact my cousin comes downstairs sometimes and wakes me up wouldn't have been good if I wasn't in my bed.. Kind of awkward. So I went to tell my older cousin and shes like "Did you sleep in his room.. I heard you guys talking all night" SO awkward. Anyways needless to say I am kind of regretting not cuddling. But I was told I am NOT allowed to cuddle and not to think I am allowed. We shall see what happens.

So lets talk about S, well we haven't seen each other besides one time we went for Slurpee's. But he is now back home visiting his little boys I just don't know if it would ever go anywhere. So that's all for now.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Love and Light

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