Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Always Sometimes Never

Happy hump day everyone !
I have been told I need to blog more. So I shall.
Plus having some followers would be cool as well.

Update : Since moving, it will be a week tomorrow !! I got a job  I start Monday. It's not exactly the job I came up here looking for, but its a start. I am excited, but I am still looking in the mean time for better paying jobs as I think I deserve more :)

Always ? Sometimes ? Never !

I always : Think about you & miss you
I sometimes : Think we will grow apart
I never : Listen to myself because I know that we will always be BFF

I always : Clean up the kitchen after I cook for everyone
I sometimes : Wish my younger cousins would help
I never : Ask them to help me, because I feel its my job to do

I always : Laugh at myself
I sometimes : Think I may be the funniest person alive
I never : Take myself to seriously

I always : Know at the end of the day I made the right choice moving
I sometimes : Get lonely and miss my friends and seeing my dad
I never : Really am lonely because I am with my family all the time

I always : Want the things I can't have
I sometimes : Wish I could have everything
I never : Allow my wants to out weigh my needs

I always : Watch Gossip Girl on Monday
I sometimes : Want it to be on for 5 hours instead of 1
I never : Like how they leave you guessing for a week

I always : Crave eggs
I sometimes : Think I could live on them
I never : Think its a good idea to only eat them

I always : Second guess myself
I sometimes : Think I make horrible choices
I never : Allow the feeling of fear control me

I always : Want to shop
I sometimes : Buy things I don't need
I never : Return things

I always : Say I love you to my friends
I sometimes :  Think I love my friends more than I love myself
I never : Forget to tell people what they mean to me

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  1. Awe I love this one!
    So cute! We will NOT grow apart :)
    Fa-Eva Eva!