Sunday, 22 April 2012

What I'm Loving Sunday

Good morning lovely ladies !
Well first I'd like to say I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I apologise in not having more posts this last week, but it has been a crazy last few days.
I thought today I'd do a blog of what I'm loving today.

I'm loving the beautiful sunshine
I'm loving my little cousins
I'm loving being in a new place
I'm loving spending time with family
I'm loving the new love of my life Peanut (my cousins dog)
I'm loving walks around my new home
I'm loving how excited I am to finish my new room
I'm loving my friends back home
I'm loving talking to my Twin everyday
I'm loving movie nights with my cousin and her friends
I'm loving be asked advice by my cousin
I'm loving laughing
I'm loving feeling happy
I'm loving the fact I get to meet so many new people
I'm loving having PVR.. BEST thing ever
I'm loving tomorrow is Monday
I'm loving how Peanut sleeps with me every night and keeps me company
I'm loving how much everyone loves each other in my new home
I'm loving feeling like i belong somewhere.

Well ladies there you have it, what I am loving today. I suppose I should fill you all in. Well I recently just moved 9 hours from home to my cousins house. It was a very rushed last minute choice I made, but I knew I had to make it so that my life could be where I want it to be. Things just weren't going so well for me at home and I needed to break a bad cycle or else my life wouldn't ever be as good as I know it can be. So within 2 days I had all my stuff packed and was here at my new home. I'm living with my cousin Nellie and she 3 kids. So I have been spending lots of time with my younger cousin Tyra (14) and Dustin (11) my other cousin is currently living with my Aunt 13 hours away. So its a little hectic. I have also not really lived around kids or animals in such along time I was worried I might be bad at it. But my cousins dog Peanut has taking a huge love to me, and sleeps with my every night and has even stopped sleeping with my cousin since I got here, but its cute, he sleeps under the blankets and when you wake up in the morning he attacks you with kisses. We also have a cat and a lizard.. Not such a fan of the lizard but that's life. Anyways everything is wonderful down here, I am just going to go hard and get a job this week and start working and saving money. I am super excited for everything ! I don't plan on going home until July to visit everyone. And although I don't have any friends here I still talk my friends who are far away tons so it doesn't even feel like I left.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend !!

Love and Light

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  1. JULY?! I have to wait until July to see you?! Good lord I am bummed.