Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Just call me Martha Stewart

So I made the cupcakes. Haven't made cupcakes in so long. I cooked them a little too long, But they were still good, my dad didn't complain well he ate them. :)
I used a Red Velvet cupcake mix we bought from Wal-Mart, was asbout $5.00, so simple too and it came with the icing !! All I had to do was add 2/3 cups water, a egg, 3 teaspoons of butter.

This is what they looked like when I was letting them cool down, before I iced them of course. They were so little and fluffy.

And the end results !! I didn't add little cute hearts onto all of them because my dad doesn't like them that much. But all and all I think they look adorable ! I will start taking pictures of everything I bake, because I love baking its good for stress. And the girls at work always request my goodies !! Hope everyone had a goodnight.



  1. Hey Ms. Stewart! Cupcakes, mmmm. Red velvet cupcakes, double mmmm.
    Have you ever tried Nigella's red velvet cupcake recipe?

    Welcome to blogville btw :)

  2. Jessica, you know you can totally have one. I'll have to make more when you're home !!

    Ess Here!
    Thanks for the warm welcome to blogville, I feel like I am already addicted. As for the Nigellas red velvet cupcakes I haven't tried them. But I love trying new things. I will have to add that item onto my grocery list for next time. Oh and you may call me Nicole haha.


  3. These look delicious! It is only morning here and you've made me hungry already! xxxx