Thursday, 8 March 2012

Winners don't quit & quitters never win

Good evening everyone ! I totally wanted to do a blog earlier today but seeing as I just got home, I suppose I will make one now. So thinking that yesterday was such a great day I figured that today would be great too , I may have been a little wrong. I have to admit that sometimes I let things get to me and tend to be a baby and cry super easy - although I didn't cry today I sure felt like it. First off my morning wasn't so good, I felt this awkward negativity coming from my dad to the point he didn't even acknowledge me this morning, I had no idea why but I figure if he couldn't say hello why should I ? I know super not fun at all. Then I got to work, and it was numbers numbers numbers. I currently have really high expectations, and althoughn I am still learning thats over looked as I should be doing amazing, and I guess I am not doing as great at my job as I thought. I took it too heart and my first thought was "I might as well go home and start looking for something new, I obviously suck at my job" of course I didn't do that, because thats generally what I always do, give up. Because its so much easier then trying. So instead I vented a little too some friends, and talked to my boss. I figured out what I need to do to suceed, the thing is I currently have an $11,000 target at work, and I'm currently sitting at $180.00, I need to reach this target by the end of the month, SO yes.. Very stressful. But I realized something today well I was thinking in my head "Nicole you're no good, you can't do this, might as well give up now, give in your two weeks tomrrow" etc, it hit me. I wouldn't have my job or be where I am today if they didn't think I couldn't do it, everyday at work isn't going to be easy. The best MUA didn't get to where they are by not working hard, so instead of being negative I took some advice from a friend she told me "Rome wasn't build in a day, these things take time" basically, if I give up now I'll never really realize the potential I have and how amazing I truly am. Tomorrow is also a new day.

I did eventually get out of my mood and cheer up a little. I thought it was really cute today and may sound super lame but my manager gave us all candy for doing a good job, halloween candy in March. It made me laugh a little. Then I spent the night with a good friend, we drove around a little went to visit her mom and little sister, got Italian ice cream Gelato I believe is what its called, very delicious. Over all I had a goodnight, and I know tomorrow will be better. I am currently sitting at home with a nasty headache and waiting to watch Jersey Shore.. Have to admit reality TV is horrible, but so entertaining. So I guess the moral of my post today is "When lifes got you down, just get back up" because tomorrow is a new day and not everyday will go as planned.

Also on the plus side a guy I have a thing for asked me to hangout next weekend, even though we used to have a "fling" type thing it made me feel special he wanted to hangout with me. I got in an accident last weekend on saturday night, I wasn't badly hurt. Shaken up, my head still hurts a little, and I am really tense. My first instinct was to call him, because it was almost 10pm and I know he doesn't drink. He was actually on a date and left his date to come and safe me and my friend. So I am currently calling him my "Princess Charming" he made a little joke and said he's a knight in shinning armour. Lets just hope things ( if they even GET to that point) don't go bad, they didn't end too bad before. But I was a little heartbroken. What can I say I am a hopeless romantic. I don't think I want to settle down, I am still trying to figure out everything I want in life. Plus there is another really cute boy I talk to all the time. He's Australian and pretty cute, so who knows ! And if nothing were to ever happen between either one, theres plenty of fish in the sea. Anyways dreamers I am going to get comfy, wash off my make-up and wait for my lame reality TV show to come on and then head to bed. Hope everyone had a good day, and if you didn't just remember that tomorrow will be better, its a new day and to keep your head up.



  1. Very lovely blog!
    Sounds like your friend is right!
    Rome wasn't built in a day!
    Keep your chin up cutie pie

    xxx Jessica

  2. Hello my love! I got tagged, and well.... I tagged you as well haha!

    If you're up for it, I'd love it if you answered my questions!

    Much Love

    xxx Jessica