Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Laughter is the best medicine

Well today was a very good day. I was off work and woke up early, I started my day off by doing a blog. It was the first thing I could think of doing. Then I spent some time on the phone getting information for my taxes and some banking info, once that was done I gave all the info to a friend who did my taxes for me. Now I'm just waiting for my money to come and thinking of what I'll spend it on, I have lots of ideas. I think I will save most of it for a vacation this summer that I want to go on. After I did all this I got ready, tried some new makeup I got, loved the results and went to meet some friends for lunch. I went for lunch with a friend and her boyfriend at Kinjo, its a Sushi place. I love sushi. We all took the sheet and kept ordering stuff, our server actually came back and told us we ordered too much for just 3 people so we had to go back and erase some things. We honestly didn't realize how much stuff we picked until we got it at the table and all looked at it with big eyes thinking "Okay, challenge accepted". Sushi was really fun and we shared some great laughs and had some sushi to take home. I just came home afterwards and ended up having a little nap, and now here I am making a new blog for you. Whats everyones favorite places to go on lunch dates with their friends ? Whats your favortire kind of sushi ? Well I'm gonna go and possibly bake some Red Velvet cupcakes, if I do I'll post some pics of the outcome for everyone too see. Hope everyone had a great day !


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