Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Heaven is a place on earth

Hello there ! Well let me fill you in on the last few days in my life. I spent a lot of time with my friend Mary, she wasn't feeling well so I took care of her. And on Sunday night we went to Karaoke with some friends. Its always good seeing old friends, she hadn't met them before, but I told her they were very entertaining guys. Except it also was a little awkward you know when the ex-boyfriend is there and pretends you're not there and ignores everyone who came out that night.. So it was basically me and my friend Mary sitting alone the whole time cause our other friend was singing so much. But all in all it was a super fun night. Then on Monday Mary and I watched Tangled and fell asleep and napped and then got some motivation and did some recycling and then went for Pho, and we had intentions to go out again but it didn't happen, instead we watched Puss in boots which was really cute, had milkshakes and were just lazy. Today we watched Ellen, listened to the Justin Biber song on reply and once again we were lazy. Once she went home I did some cleaning, had a shower and got all pretty, and now I am sitting here blogging because its been a few days. I have had the last 2 days off work which was nice but I go back to work tomorrow and its going to be hectic because our gift starts on thursday, hello GWP !!

On a side note we also got some bad news well hanging out together. A very close family friend we both knew passed away from Cancer. He was such an amazing man and fought for along time trying to get better. God has another Angel now and we know he will watch over us <3 but this isn't all the bad new we got. Another one of our friends brothers just found out he has a Tumor in his brain, he should be okay as the doctors said it can be removed easily. So my thoughts are with my friends family and I hope all is well. I hope everyone else is having a good last few days, and I just hope NOONE has to hear anymore sad news ! Take care everyone. Life is too short. xo


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